What Parents Have To Say...

"Ms. Savi's creative curriculum taught in a nurturing environment gave our girls a wonderful first experience with education. They left Ms. Savi's classroom with a solid academic foundation, confidence, the ability to tackle new curriculum, and a deep love for learning. Ms. Savi consistently went above and beyond to make our girls' preschool and kindergarten experience a memorable one. Our girls are more independent and have the knowledge and work habits needed to continue to excel in school. What we remember most about Ms. Savi is her remarkable ability to interact deeply with all children, as different as they may be. Our first impression was that Ms. Savi made a personal connection with our child. After sharing our experience with parents of her other students, we learned they felt the same connection between Ms. Savi and their children. Ms. Savi is exactly the teacher every parent wants for their children: a teacher that children respect, care for and regard with absolute awe." -Kim and Malcolm Gilbreath

"I am a Mom of 2 kids. Ms Savi taught both of my boys. Her dedication towards bringing best out of the kids made both of my kids excel in every area. In elementary school they are excelling just because of the strong base that Ms Savi created for them. Ms. Savi, I really cannot thank you enough. Thanks." -Rita

"Ms. Savi combines care, learning and fun into a most successful educational program for children. She was able to take my son who was not interested in anything but cars and teach him to read words, do math, and enjoy subjects like science in less than one year. He has grown leaps and bounds with her and I am forever thankful to have had her." -Wendy Powers